The elementary had a Safety presentation on Oct. 31st from Bayer Crop Science. We value safety as our number one priority. 
As employees of Bayer, talked to the students and staff concerning their business and 
Halloween Safety, 
they described the agricultural landscape, which includes being in the center of the largest cotton patch in the world and home to the largest cotton seed manufacturing plant in the world. From Lubbock, TX the Bayer company supplies over half of all acres of cotton planted in the United States with seed for planting.
By Jadyn Anderson

In Mrs. Strickland’s 4th grade class, the students have started learning the foundational skills of long division. “Students are always hesitant at first when we start this unit, however, by the end of the first week their confidence has started to build and my kiddos are excited to learn more,” says teacher Mrs. Strickland. Over the next few weeks the students will continue to incorporate engaging, learning experiences to enhance the concept of division. The teachers in elementary are always working to make sure their students understand. Mrs. Strickland interacts with the students and asks them questions to make sure they are learning. More often than not, the students don’t even know they are being assessed when they have their classroom discussions. The students love to use Expo markers on their desks to showcase their work. This month the students will take a trip to watch the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra. Students will have the opportunity to listen to a live concert, as well as listen to the variety of instruments that make-up an orchestra. Educational field trips, such as this one, gives the students the opportunity to broaden their background knowledge and excite them for further opportunities in the future.

By Camryn Stanton

On Friday, November 1st, the elementary hosted a Breakfast with Champions. Parents of students in Pre-K through 4th grade were invited to come up to school to have breakfast with their students. The purpose of Breakfast with Champions was for the students to showcase the skills they have learned in math. The school provided donuts for the students and parents. There were also some special guests at breakfast, as the New Deal Varsity football team was also invited. When asked about their attendance at Breakfast with Champions, Harley Patterson said, “The team attended the breakfast to spend time with the students whose parents were unable to attend. It was also a great opportunity for us to get involved with the events of the other campuses.” During breakfast the students played math games and demonstrated the math skills that they have learned so far this year for their parents. First grade student, Eli Vasquez said, “Doing the math facts with my mom was my favorite part of breakfast.” Breakfast with Champions was a great opportunity for the parents to get involved with what their students are doing at school. When asked how she thought that Breakfast with Champions benefited the students, first grade teacher Mrs. Stanton said, “The students were able to show their parents some of the activities we do in class, and the kids were able to spend some extra time with their parents.”