Congratulations to
the Lions and the
Lady Lions on their
outstanding seasons!

By Ghenevieve Vasquez

he New Deal Lady Lions secured their num­ber one seed. They played against Hale Center to de­termine their ranking, af­ter, they played Lockney to prepare themselves for their first playoff game. For their first playoff game, they played against the Olton Fillies on Febru­ary 18th in Littlefield, Tex­as.

The girls played a very hard game, gained a gold ball and a title of be­ing bi-district champs! The ladies had a great game and had worked very hard for this win, the final score of the game was 43 to 19.

“We played pretty good, and I think we could have played a little better, but overall we battled.” Kimberly Randolph said.

The game started off slow with the ladies missing some shots, grad­ually, the girls finally put some shots in and made their scoring better. Al­though their defense real­ly made an impact on the game, the girls stopped the Fillies from scoring over 19 points!

I think we played very well, we were a little jittery first half but when the coach talked to us and reminded us how great we can be as a team when we work together, we definite­ly fixed our little mistakes and got the win we needed. Many of the players had a tough game but they really battled their way through and got a major victory.

he Lady Lions had 8 points in the first quarter, 13 points in the 2nd and 4th quarter, and 9 points in the third. The Fillies had 3 points in the first quarter, 2 points in the second, 5 points in the third, and 9 points in the 4th quarter.

Coach Manning stated, “There is never a doubt that our girls will bring every ounce of effort they have tonight,” he also stated, “ They played so hard on defense tonight, it was fun to see the intensi­ty they had on D the whole game!”

By Ghenevieve Vasquez

The New Deal Lady Lions played a great game against the Lady Rabbits on Friday, January 17th. The girls played in Ralls at 6:15 in the main gym. The Lady Lions won with a score of 46 to 39.

Player Jaiden Ro­driguez stated, “I think this was one of the best games we’ve played in awhile. I think we improved as a team, we are starting to work together more and are so supportive of one another.”

Highlights off the game included players Jasmine Valdez, Charlee Whitfield, Taylor Gonza­les, Ghenevieve Vasquez, and Jaiden Rodriguez. “We didn't start off the greatest, but we definitely hung in there, and worked amazing as a team to lift one another up. We play as one and communicate very well on court and have a great relationship on and off the court.” said player Jasmine Valdez.

The Lady Rab­bits had 54 rebounds, 7 assists, 6 blocks, and 3 steals. The Lady Lions had 46 rebounds, 9 assists, 12 steals, and 2 blocks.

Coach Manning stated, “The girls kept crawling to stay in the game. In the end, they found a way to get the last bit of energy they had to get the win over Ralls.”

By Shelby Burkhead

On Tuesday, Feb­ruary 4, the Lady Lions took on the Ralls Lady Jackrabbits. Last time the Lady Lions played the Lady Jackrabbits the Lady Lions won 48-8.

Going into the game the Lady Lions knew what they were going up against and were given goals to achieve during their game. Their first goal was to score high­er than 50 points and the other goal that the Lady Lions set was to keep the Lady Jackrabbits under 20 points. They did just that in the first quarter the Lady Lions led the Lady Jack­rabbits 12-0. I

n the second quar­ter going into halftime the Lady Lions were ahead with a score of 21-4. At halftime Coach Cedillo told us to work on plays and look for passes that are going to be open but we wouldn't normally make them. When asked how she felt about going into the second half soph­omore, Camryn Stanton answered with, “I knew going into the second half that we would need to ex­ecute plays and work as a team.” I

n the third quarter the Lady Lions scored 20 more points leading the Lady Jackrabbits 41-14. There were two top scor­ers during the sophomores Mckenna Booth and Glo­ralee Martinez. Booth had 17 points and Marti­nez scored 16 points. For Martinez this was the most points that she has ever scored in a game this sea­son. Martinez was asked how she felt after the game and she answered, “Af­ter Tuesday's game I am ready to play our last two games.”

In the end the Lady Lions won with a score of 64-16. After the game coach Cedillo was asked how he felt after the game, “I feel like it was good for us to get another win. We are one game closer to reaching our goal of being undefeated in district play.

By Ghenevieve Vasquez

On Friday, January 31st, the Lady Lions beat Post with a score of 46 to 32. They played in the Post High School gymnasium at 6:15 P.M. The Ladies started off playing tense, but eventually gained confidence and played better.

“We did great as a team, and I really think we improved, and I think this game will help us with our games in the future,” said Hannah Fenske. The Lady Antelopes had 44 rebounds, 10 assists, 3 steals, and 4 blocks. New Deal’s Lady Lions had 29 rebounds, 14 assists, 13 steals, and 5 blocks.Top scorer, Ghenevieve Vasquez stated, “I think we played well as a team; we may have started out rough, but we still played our hard­est and got a win in the end.”

The field goal percentage for both teams was 36% for the Lady Lions and 24% for the Lady Ante­lopes.First and second quarter, the Ladies, had a total of 24 points. In the third and fourth quarter, they had a total of 20 points. For the Lady Antelopes, in the first and sec­ond they had a total of 14 points. In the third and fourth quarter they had a total of 18 points. Coach Manning stated, “I am proud of the girls for their continued work and excited for them as they get closer and closer to their team goal of a district championship.”

By Leric Eaton
This week the New Deal Varsity Basketball Team suited up for their first tournament. Players were eager to do their best and demonstrate how the Lions played basketball.
“Overall we did really good in the tournament. We had the usual growing pains that come with us not having a lot of practice and we messed up more than I would like on fundamental stuff. But overall we did very well in the tournament and I look forward to seeing where we grow as a team.” Haden
The Lions played five Teams in a Straight Round Robin tournament. The first game was Thursday at !:00 against the Petersburg Buffaloes. The following day The Lions defeated All Saints with a score of 55-30
The Lions also victoried over the Bulldogs with a score of 53-38
Saturday morning the Lions faced the new home
By Ghenevieve Vasquez
The New Deal Lady Lions played against Whitharral on Tuesday, November 19th. The girls played on the new court in the New Deal gymnasium. In the first quarter, the lady lions scored 15 points, while the lady panthers scored 3 points. Varsity player Rhett Hill stated, “I think we all played together as a team and executed plays nicely. We made some mistakes, but overall we fixed what we needed to in order to get our job done!” The girls had made 43 rebounds, 18 assists, 13 steals, and 10 blocks. Kim Randolph said, “I feel like we played our hardest, but we still have to work for the rest of the season. I rebounded well and made block shots!” The New Deal Lady Lions won against the Whitharral Lady Panthers with a score of 68 to 34. Coach Manning stated, “The girls improved their time 3-1, they continue to play hard and work as a team. It is awesome to see a group of young ladies cheer for one another and be genuinely happy for their teammate’s success.”
By Ghenevieve Vasquez
The New Deal Lady Lions had a fabulous game against Tahoka on Saturday, November 16th. The girls played in Tahoka and had 37 rebounds, 12 assists, and 28 steals with their 3-point percentage being 33%.
Senior Hannah Fenske said, “I felt pretty confident playing against them. At the beginning we were somewhat sloppy, but we cleaned it up and put some points on the board. We had good defense and amazing deflections.”
The girls played hard against the Lady Bulldogs and won with the score being 55 to 24. Highlights of the game include players Jasmine Valdez, Jaiden Rodriguez, Ghenevieve Vasquez, Taylor Gonzalez, Hannah Fenske, and Charlee Whitfield.
Sophomore Ghenevieve Vasquez stated, “I think we did really well as a team on Saturday, I felt really confident playing against them. I do think we could have played better overall but we still played hard and hustled. In the end, I was really proud of us and it felt good to achieve a win.” Coach Manning said.
By Ghenevieve Vasquez

Tuesday, November 5th, the New Deal Lady Lions basketball team had scrimmages in the Roosevelt gymnasium. The girls played against Roosevelt and Seagraves. They played two twelve-minute running clock sessions against Roosevelt and Seagraves. The girls won against Roosevelt both times with the scores being 12-5 and 15-9. Varsity player Hannah Fenske said, “We had a lot of deflections and good executions; I felt really confident that we would go out there and get it done.” The girls played very hard against both teams, and they won against Seagraves one time with a score of 20-13 and tied them with 15-15. Student athlete Charlee Whitfield said, “I think we came out to start the game with a lot of confidence, and we improved from there; I hope we learned from these games, I know I did.” “I think these games were good for us,” said Coach Manning. “Both teams were athletic and played defense aggressively and so it made us have to handle the chaotic pace. The last scrimmages we played, both teams were a little more methodical. I thought we did a good job, we attacked the rim, sometimes we would do things the harder way, we got a lot of deflections, steals, and opportunities for a lot of layups,” Manning concluded. The Ladies will play in a tournament on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week.

By Shelby Burkhead

The New Deal Girls JV Basketball teams traveled to Roosevelt High School to play in a couple scrimmages to kick off their much anticipated season. The Ladies played a twelve-minute, nonstop clock scrimmage against Segraves JV and Roosevelt JV. This was the first time the JV got to play together with Coach Cedillo coaching them. Coach Cedillo said of their efforts, “I think the scrimmages were good for us to prepare and get ready for the upcoming season.” For the Freshman it was their first time playing at a high school game. A couple of them were asked if they were nervous about their first high school game. Andee Whitfield answered, “No, I wasn’t nervous because we worked hard every day in practice, we executed well, and we have a lot of talent on our team.” The JV Lady Lions beat Seagraves in our first scrimmage against them 18-15, and in the second game they beat them 5-1. Against Roosevelt the Lions beat them 12-4, then beat them again 10-3. Sophomore Camryn Stanton said of the wins, “I think that our team has a lot of talent, and I think it will be a good season.” The Lady Lions won every scrimmage they played; what a great way to start a season.

By Ghenevieve Vasquez
Monday, October 7th, 2019, the New Deal High School girls had their first scrimmage of the preseason. On Monday teams Lorenzo, New Home and Lockney came to New Deal to play against each other. The first team the New Deal Lady Lions played against was Lorenzo. The Lady Lions fought hard and long, but unfortunately did not come out with the win. After the Ladies watched New Home and Lockney go against each other, the team watched Lorenzo and Lockney go against each other. All four teams are competitive and fought hard for the ball.
It was tough, but all four teams did well. At 7:15 the Lady Lions had their second game and they played the New Home Lady Lepards. After two 18 minute halves, both teams were exhausted. Both teams played hard. It was 2 good games for the New Deal Lady Lions and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for our community and teams and future basketball games!
By Ghenevieve Vasquez
The New Deal Lady Lion basketball team started their official basketball practice on October 23rd. They have their first scrimmage Saturday, November 2. This will be Coach Manning’s first time getting to coach the girls in a while. He said, “Overall, I am excited to see us go against other people again, and I am excited for us to get to try as coaches to make adjustments, to see what we need to work on, to see what we are good at and to see what our strengths and weaknesses are.”
The girls have been playing summer league basketball games and practicing for their season. “We had a great first practice, every day we work harder and each day we get closer to our goals. I believe we will have an amazing season,” said student-athlete Jasmine Valdez.
The varsity girls went to Abilene, Texas to play in a tournament during the summer. Charlee Whitfield said, “I think it definitely helped with our team chemistry. It was definitely a trip to remember. We had team bonding and we got better as a team.” The junior varsity girls played in many summer league basketball games as well. One of the players, McKenna Booth said, “I think this year’s basketball teams are really strong; we both have a very good defense, which will get us really far this season. We all work really well together, which is key to any good basketball team. We have a great coach leading us again this year, and I think we are going to have a great season.”

By By Rhett Hill

The Lady Lions played another district game and got another dis­trict win. The Lady Lions are now 4-0 and are still undefeated. The Lady Li­ons had an amazing game last night. In the beginning of the game the girls were going back to back with the Lady Owls. But in the beginning of the game Charlee Whitfield had got hurt and was out for the rest of game. This was a little hard for the girls but freshman Charli Garland stepped it up and scored a total of 24 points! Most of the lady lions made almost double digits.

The Lady Lions always know how to work together and to come out with a win together. Next game for the lady lions is against the Lockney which will be a good game and a competition for the girls.

By Leric Eaton

Tuesday, February 4th was filled with excitement. “For the first time in a long time, the stands were com­pletely filled,” said Harley Patterson, “It was very ex­citing to get out of school and have the whole stu­dent body support the bas­ketball team.”

The Lions are tied in district for first place with Floydada. They are now ranked 23rd in the state. The Jackrabbits hung close at the end of the half, the score being 27-21.

“Playing a team with nothing to lose is al­ways scary.” ,said Coach Kyler Bean during half time.”They will give ev­erything they have to beat us and they are okay with losing.”, he added.

The rallied Lions came out in the 3rd quar­ter ready to put away the Jackrabbits. The Lions victored over the Jackrab­bits 52-38.

By Camryn Stanton

On January 31, 2020 the New Deal Lions took on the Floydada Whirlwinds. This was their fourth game of district play; they went into the game 3-0 in district. During the first quarter, the Lions trailed the Whirlwinds 13-11. In the second quarter, the Lions scored 14 points to the Whirlwinds’ 16, which made the score going into halftime 29-25.

When asked how he felt about the first half of the game, Leric Eaton said, “We knew going into the game that it wouldn’t be easy. Of course it’s always a little discouraging to be behind, but we were determined not to give up.” At the start of the third quarter, the fans brought a lot of energy, which in turn brought out the energy in the team on the court.

During the third quarter, the Lions got down to business and scored 12 points against the Whirlwinds. Unfortunately, they were still falling short, the score be­ing 41-37. “The fourth quarter could make or break the game,” said Haden Caudil. “We knew we had to leave it all on the floor if we wanted to walk away with a win.” Towards the end of the fourth quarter, the Lions were still down three points the Whirlwinds. Tanner Seeley tied the game by being fouled on a three-pointer and making all three of his free throws. This made the final score of regular game play 61-61; this meant the game would continue on into overtime.

Scoring during overtime was back and forth be­tween the two teams. When the Lions would score, the Whirlwinds would turn around and score on their fol­lowing possession. Finally, to finish off the game, Leric Eaton scored on a fast break layup to tie the game. See­ley then stole the ball on the Whirlwinds’ next posses­sion, scoring another layup, and the final score of the game being 73-71.

Tanner Seeley said, “Floydada was a ranked team, so beating them was a real confidence booster. We played our hardest and it paid off in the end. I’m really proud of the team and I’m looking forward to how the rest of the season will play out.” The Lions beat #10 Floydada to move onto 4-0 in district play.