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By Bron Fitzgerald

The New Deal Lions played against the Stanton Buffaloes, on Friday the 20th of September in their 2019 Homecoming game. The game started out with an impressive Lions’ defense, as they would stop the Buffaloes four times in the red zone and not allow a single score the entire game. Now, on the offensive side of the ball senior quarterback Haden Caudill would take it to the house scoring a 13 yard rushing touchdown. Following the next defensive stop, the Lions would take the ball and once again drive down the field. Finishing the drive would be Caudill on a 11 yard pass to classmate Dylan Jerden.
The Lions would be up 14-0 at halftime, but unfortunately the game would be cancelled due to harsh weather conditions. On the good side, the Lions’ defense played amazing and leading the team in tackles this week would be sophomore Leric Eaton with 15, senior Dylan Jerden with 13, and junor Noah Vasquez with 8.
After the team’s performance, Eaton thought the team improved on, “executing the defense and stopping the run.” Classmate Colby Henderson also added in, “It took a while for us to get into our rhythm, but as soon as we got it back we couldn’t be stopped.” And finally sophomore Harley Patterson thought the game went well and had a few thoughts on what the Lions should improve on for their next game, “We need to be more dominant and quick off the ball and really cause pressure on the opposing offense; if we do that we should be fine.”