High School

By Aubrey Ammons
Nurse talks about Vaping

Students and staff of New Deal High School were audience to two nurses from University Medical Center in Lubbock, who came out to New Deal to educate their audience on the dangers of vaping. “Although I knew it [vaping] was bad, I didn’t realize all that the harmful effects encompassed, said high school teacher Mrs. Julie Hill. “To know that you can die in such horrific ways from this very trendy habit or suffer permanent damage to your brain and lungs, is very scary,” she added. The nurses told of actual cases involving vaping. None of these stories had happy endings. We hope that our students take heed to these warnings and stay away from vaping of any kind.


By Isis Lee


Tuesday, November 5, representatives of Herff Jones visited New Deal High School to fit the Juniors for their class rings. Before they started fitting the participating students, they gave a presentation about class rings. They told how the rings tell a story about not only your class, but about yourself and all the memories you have created throughout high school. Once they gave the presen

Heriff Jones Rep

tation, the students were then sized for their rings and were able to customize them to meet each student’s needs. The customization went from getting to choose the kind of metal plating of the ring, all the way to getting to choose the font of the writing to put on the ring. This way all the students got exactly what they had pictured in their heads, and it allowed them to tell their story through the ring. Angelica Pantoja said, “I thought it was a really intriguing thing to learn about. Having a class ring will help remind me of many memories I have made in high school.” Seniors came in next and got to purchase various class of 2020 merchandise and order their caps and gowns. The seniors really enjoyed this because they now not only had their class rings (if they decided to purchase one) but now they would have different items as another reminder of their class. Ordering the cap and gown, according to many of them, was a huge step towards graduation and starting their lives as young adults. Kamron Tidwell said, “It was such surreal thing to get my cap and gown. I felt it was another step towards my future and starting my life outside of high school.” The students really appreciated Herff Jones coming out and allowing them to create their rings and purchase items to serve as reminders of high school. Araceli Torres says, “Getting my cap and gown gave me the most amazing, excited feeling. I love the year I’m graduating and I’m so happy that it was another step towards graduation. I am thankful that Herff Jones came out!”

By Emme Martin

Although chemistry may be tough for students at times, there are many experiments/labs throughout the year that students look forward to. Teacher Mr. Kevin Graham teaches chemistry to the sophomore class. Currently Mr. Graham’s students have been learning all about the periodic table and electron configurations. Student Destiney Burgess said, “I feel like it’s difficult, but once you get to the core of the concept it gets a lot easier.” With every new lesson the class learns, Mr. Graham will do a lab to help the students better understand what he is teaching. The students will go to the back part of his classroom and will separate into groups and start their experiments. Many students enjoy this class because of the fun things you get to experience and all the hands-on activities you get to do. Student Jadyn Anderson said, “I enjoy doing class experiments because the results are very interesting. I am excited to see what we will do in our future labs.” Later in the year when students are learning about chemical reactions, they will get the opportunity to participate in a “gummi bear sacrifice” to show how energy is stored in sugar. They will also create a hydrogen gas from a single displacement reaction. Student Karleigh Robinson said, “The class can be very hard at times, but when you are actually able to do hands-on things and learn from that, it can make it a lot easier and enjoyable.” Learning in the class can be fun, but this class can also be very beneficial. Chemistry can help with anyone wanting to get a degree in chemical engineering. It can also be important for anyone going into a healthcare related field such as medicine, pharmacology, and nursing.

By Zayne Fulcher

Learning a new language can be hard. But with the help of Senor Vasquez, it has been made much easier and fun to do. “I Feel like it’s been pretty great so far, and I can’t wait to learn more Spanish in the future,” says student Destiney Burgess. Coming up in Spanish we are going to learn all the present tense verbs. Basically, we will be learning things like: I am running, he is playing, we are eating and many different verbs and how they are formed in Spanish. Many students in the classes like to learn and like the teacher, Senor Vasquez. It’s been a great year so far, and I personally can’t wait for the next semester. “We have learned a lot of vocabulary, and we are now learning how to put those words into use - making sentences using the verbs now too,” said Colby Henderson. We are slowly finishing up this semester, and learning a lot!

By Karleigh Robinson

“Senior night is something I will never forget,” says senior Drum Major Kamron Tidwell. Being a senior is something all students look forward to throughout their high school career. On Friday, November 1st, 2019, the students of the class of 2020 were recognized at their last ever home football game on Faubion Field in Noland Stadium. Senior cheerleader Audrey Montez says, “Senior night was really important to me because it was my last time on the field with my peers, and to me it showed what I’ve accomplished over the years.” The students were escorted down the home sideline by family members as they were announced to the crowd. “Senior night was a summation of what our lives in high school were like,” says senior band member Bianca Campos, “We went through some hard things together, but in the end, we were there to love each other like family. We may not have won the game, but walking the field with each other showed that we had something greater than a win.” At the end of the night, the seniors held hands and walked across the football field together at Noland Stadium one last time.

By Jeremy Creek

New Deal High as we all know has some very smart students, none more than the ones taking dual credit. 

Torres Works on Dual Credit

Dual Credit is a college course that students can take to accrue college credit, while also earning high school credit in a course simultaneously. Reymie

 Monosterio says it is “a great way to get college credit.” NDHS students are close to finishing up with their f

irst semester of college. In some ways, students found dual credit a bit complicated to sign up for. In order to qualify, students eithe have to take and pass the PSAT or the TSI, and then sign up for classes. It’s a good thing we have Mrs. Williams to help with all of the details. Mahalei Romero said, “Signing up was confusing, but with Mrs. Williams’ help she got it done.” However, despite all of this, the class is 100% worth it for that earned college credit. If you are interested in taking dual credit New Deal offers many different courses such as US History, Algebra, Sociology, and many more. These college level course can be difficult, according to Jadyn Anderson, “It’s stressful,” but she says she is glad she gets the chance to take it


By Kaylee Williams

This year in biology, the students will be preparing for their EOC that they will take towards the end of the year. The students will be learning about a lot of different things. For instance, “We are learning about cells and their anatomy,” said freshman Gabe Johnson. “We are going to learn about their functions and how they are essential to life,” he added. The students are enjoying learning new things, and they are looking forward to what is coming later on. “I am looking forward to learning about cells and how they correlate to organisms,” said Hezi Garcia. “My favorite thing that we have learned is cells. It was my favorite because I think it is crazy how we are made up of over a thousand cells, and how they are in everything you see in our world,” said Alyssa Palma. Students have already learned about so many interesting things in just a few short weeks, and there is so much more to come. With the lessons covered and the practices that they get daily, all of these students will be really prepared for their EOC when the time comes. “I feel like I’ve already learned a lot,” said Jason Brazel.

By Lorena Chavez

In Mrs. Henderson’s art classes, the students are currently learning how to work with different textures and mediums to create different art forms. For example, the students are working on designing and creating pinatas using flour, water, balloons, and old newspapers. Last week, they spent several days finishing up their pinatas. “I really enjoy doing this pinata project because it wasfun and interesting,” said Leric Eaton. Another project students worked on was one where they created abstract art, using wire, a wooden box, panty hose, and paint. “One of the most challenging parts of this project was keeping the paint on the panty hose,” said Leric Eaton. “Using the staple gun was pretty challenging,” added Colton Caffey. The students will have several other projects coming up, including a plaster hands project. “I look forward to doing this project because it looks really cool and fun,” said Harley Patterson. Doing these projects can show students how creative they can actually be with just basic supplies. “Options are limitless when they open their minds,” said Mrs. Henderson.


Mrs. Henderson with Student