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By Zayne Fulcher
On October 16th students who ran in cross country competed for district in Plainview. In this event Jake Trevey placed 14th, Hezi Garcia got 10th, and Tyler Seeley received 3rd for the boys’ cross country. For the girls the team over all got 3rd place as a team.
Cross country is a hard sport that requires a lot of dedication and discipline. Isis Lee says, “Every practice you have to try your best and want to get better. We have to support each other and help one another.” Cross Country is coached by Joseph Cedillo, who tries his best to be a good leader and a role model to his team.
Image“Running with Tyler and Hezi was hard to do sometimes, but we all pushed each other and it helped all of us get better,” says runner Jake Trevey. But even if all of the runners didn’t make it past district, they all had a lot of fun running with each other. “This season was fun to participate in since the teams got bigger,” says runner Kimberly Randolph, “I had lots of fun running with a bigger girl’s team, and helping the Junior High kids warm-up, and leading their workout was fun. It was nice to see so many Junior High kids run instead of just two or three.”