Mrs Burris’ Classes

Hello, fellow scientists!!! 👋🏻 

We have the opportunity to explore together in a new way and I can’t wait to learn with you! 

I am most excited that you have the chance to show and teach your families and loved ones your science skills. I can’t wait to hear how much y’all have learned and explored together! 


I miss you all so much and will see you soon! 



Experiment. Fail. Learn. Grow. Repeat! 





Contact Information

[email protected]

Office Hours


8:00- 4:00


How to Turn in  you assignments: 
Log into your google classroom and to find your assignments 
ALSO you will need to be able to access STEMscopes 
1. Online access through STEMscopes 

 Visit -

 & log in with your lunch number and password: green1234
Contact me with ANY questions, comment, concerns or Celebrations!!