Texas Tech Celebrates Elementary Teacher

"Lynsey is a very accomplished special education teacher," says Barbie Priest, Honda SSA Director. "She consistently takes care of the extra paperwork and tasks that go along with being a special education teacher with a great attitude and strong work ethic. She goes above and beyond for many special education students, making a difference in their lives!" This is especially evident as Copeland was recently recognized for the training completed in dual diagnosis from Texas Tech. Through training provided through the Virginia Murray Sowell Center for Research and Education in Sensory Disabilities, Texas Tech plans to train a total of 400 special education teachers over the next five years as part of "Project TEDD: Training Educators in Dual Diagnosis." This training not only helps teach participants the skills necessary for recognizing, understanding, and working with individuals with dual diagnosis, but also helps equip them with the specialized skills to also train other teachers in the matter. New Deal ISD is honored to have such great staff like Lynsey Skipper Copeland and would like to thank her for all she does for our students each and every day!
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