Lion Community Comes Together for Meet the Lions

By Charlee Whitfield
On August 24th, all New Deal football players and managers, athletic trainers, cheerleaders, and members of cross country teams got to take part in the annual Meet the Lions. All members met together at 6:30 at the Noland Stadium, where each group was introduced to fans by respective coaches.
The different squads of cheerleaders, ranging from middle school to Varsity, performed cheers for the crowd. The Varsity squad also performed their dance Rally Routine, which they learned at cheer camp. “We had fun performing for our last Meet the Lions,” said senior Kayton Trevey. Senior Caliegh Broadus added, “We are happy that we got to have Meet the Lions considering our current circumstances.”
Since all the teams were gathered, I took the opportunity to talk to a few people about their thoughts on their expectations for the year. “It’s going to be a good season,” said junior OL/DL Bron Fitzgerald. “We need to stay positive and make sure we all stay on the same page,” he added. The cross-country team, who started workouts August 3rd, also looks forward to a good season. Their first meet was Saturday, August 29th at Lubbock Christian University. “Our weekly workouts have not only got us back in shape, but also build endurance for each athlete,” said senior, cross-country runner, Alex Dailey.