Dual Credit classes begin at New Deal High School

New Deal ISD and South Plains College have come together to give students the opportunity to get college credits in high school. We currently offer forty-three dual credit classes.
Some perks of taking these courses is getting your basics done before college. It’s also cheaper to do it in high school than when actually attending at a college. It is also easier to take college classes while still in high school, because you can get one-on-one help from your teachers.
Anyone who is interested in taking dual credit classes can; the only requirement is scores from the TSI test. Taking the college classes online also has its advantages. You don’t have to worry about going to a class, and with some not getting enough time to finish your work. You can also take as many classes as you want. “Dual credit is an amazing opportunity and it’s extremely important,” Clara Anthony said when asked about her dual credit experience.
When Mrs. Williams was asked about her views on students taking dual credit she stated, “I think it’s helpful and cheaper for students who are going to continue their education in college.” Dual credit takes dedication and commitment. The college professors can be a lot different and certainly expect you to get your work finished on time. Katie Jenkins was asked about her experience with dual credit professors and stated, “They are tough and strict, but they teach you a lot.”