Honor Band Jams at Wayland Baptist

By Erin Montez
On January 31st and February 1st, a few of our New Deal High School’s band students were chosen by our band director, Mr. David Speer, to play in a special honor band at Wayland Baptist University. Mr. Speer chose carefully from band members to find students that show the skill to perform advanced pieces of music.
Dozens of talented kids from a variety of schools across the Panhandle were combined to make a large band that performed a number of pieces that they only had two days to learn. With the help of their clinician, and even Wayland college students that performed with them, this challenge was far from impossible. “New Deal enjoyed an incredible representation in the High Plains Honor Band this year,” says New Deal band director, Mr Speer. “Their clinician, Barry Hurt, did a wonderful job rehearsing the ensemble along with the faculty of Wayland Baptist University.”
Overall, this was an amazing opportunity for the chosen students of New Deal, and all the schools in our region, especially for the students that want to persue a future in music. “It was a super fun learning experience to be able to play with college students in an actual concert,” says sophomore trombone player Zayne Fulcher. “It really showed me what I could be in years to come.”
The students really enjoyed playing these fun but challenging pieces of music. All of our students were very interested in the thought of playing their instruments in college. “It was a great experience,” says senior Bianca Campos, “We got to see a lot of friends we made in all regions, and meet more people. It also gave students quite a few opportunities to see if being in a college band is something they are interested in.” A few students in our high school are taking these opportunities into consideration, and hope to one day become successful musicians.