New Deal Thanks School Board Members

By Zayne Fulcher
Texas Governor Greg Abbott has declared January 2020 School Board Recognition Month to honor the more than 7,200 locally elected trustees in Texas. January is a great time to celebrate your hard-working school board members and educate the public about the important role that a school board plays in our local communities and schools.
Although showing appreciation should be a year-round process, taking advantage of the designated School Board Recognition Month assures that these important people receive some of the thanks they deserve. So let's give a special Thank You to President, Sandra Gowens; Vice President, Eddie Ramirez; Secretary, Brad Proctor; and Trustees: Mark Durham, Kevin Goodgion, Perry Looney, and Jacob Malone.
The School Board does many things to make sure our school is one of the best, such as set goals and visions for the district, hire and evaluate our superintendent, principals, and teachers, adopt and oversee the annual budget, and work to make school an overall better place. Everything that goes on in the school is thanks to the School Board. They want to make sure students have the best education they can get in Texas, whether it’s in academics or sports.
We certainly appreciate ours. On Thursday, January 16, 2020, NDISD hosted an appreciation dinner for its board members. Each member was presented a plaque for his or her years of service to the students and community of New Deal. The dinner was catered by Cagle’s Steaks and served in the newly refurbished High School Gym. This year’s theme was “Launching the Next Generation,” with decorations coming from the students of NDISD, and Mrs. Nancy Parker. New Deal Independent School District is fortunate to have these dedicated public servants to oversee the educational opportunities offered to our students! Please join the Texas Association of School Boards in applauding Texas trustees.