NDISD welcomes Mrs. Tanya Quisenberry

By Marlee Tillery

As we round the corner of the first semester, we would be remiss if we did not introduce New Deal High School’s newest math teacher. Mrs. Tanya Quisenberry graduated from Pampa High School in 1992, where she was involved in athletics, cheerleading, National Honor Society and Student Council. After high school, Mrs. Quisenberry attended Texas Tech University for three years and then finished at West Texas A&M University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Math. She started her teaching career in Amarillo at Travis Middle School and then moved to Pampa where she taught in the high school. Mrs. Quisenberry has taught in Pampa, White Deer, Cleburne, and West Texas in Stinnett. She also taught at Clarendon College in Pampa. An interesting aspect is that she taught in Florida at Milton High School. “Teaching out of state was amazing,” Mrs. Quisenberry said. “I enjoyed seeing how other states and teachers approached the same job.” She has taught math classes ranging from 7th grade math to calculus. Mrs. Quisenberry says her favorite subject is probably Algebra I and II. This is her first year to teach Pre-Calculus. Another fun fact is that she coached middle school basketball and track one year. Her father was a basketball, track, and cross country coach. “I never felt like coaching was in my blood as much as math,” she said. However, she added, “I love basketball, and I really enjoy watching sports when I am with Mr. Quisenberry. The Quisenberrys have two children, Pacer (a freshman), and Maile (a 5th grader). She has three dogs: Blue, Lexi, and Beethoven. She says she always adopts from a shelter, and when she was younger she volunteered for SPCA. She is a HUGE Elvis fan, and if you go by her classroom you can tell! She also loves Shark Week, music, and the weather! Mrs. Quis says she loves to teach math, and she gets excited when she has students figure out how to do something they thought was hard. She added that she enjoys getting to know students and being involved in the school where she teaches. “Mrs. Quisenberry is very nice, and she helps me a lot,” said freshman Fernando Velo Loya. “I feel like I’m understanding Algebra better, especially since Mrs. Quis helped me to understand how to use the calculator!” said sophomore Audrey Robins. If you want to make her smile, her favorite candy is Hershey chocolate and her favorite drink is Aqua Panna Water! “I really enjoy New Deal,” Mrs. Quisenberry said. “All of the students are so nice and fun. I have been treated with respect and kindness by eveyone!”