Josie Rey » Ms. Rey - 5th Grade RLA

Ms. Rey - 5th Grade RLA

Hello...and welcome! :)
I'm excited to teach 5th Grade Reading and Writing this year..! I look forward to working with my students and getting to know each of them better..! I have taught Language Arts for several years now and enjoy sharing my love of reading and writing with my students. My goal this year is to help each student increase their understanding of and show growth in their reading and writing skills; however, it is extremely important for each student to have those same expectations of themselves. We can make it happen if we work together..! :) 
"The road to success is always under construction." -- Author unknown
Conference times: 10:45 - 11:40  and  2:05 - 2:45
(If you need to contact me, please email me; I will email or call you (if you request 
that I do so) during my conference time or after school. Thank you!  :)
5th & 6th Theatre - 1st period (8:10 - 8:57)
Reading/Language Arts - 2nd period (9:02 - 9:49)
Reading/Language Arts - 3rd period (9:54 - 10:41)
Reading/Language Arts - 5th period (12:18 - 1:05)
Reading/Language Arts - 7th period (2:01 - 2:48)
Enrichment & Intervention/Advisory - 8th period (2:53 - 3:40)
***Google Classroom log-in code (for 5th grade news, announcements & reminders): kkpu443
***Your child should be able to log-in to their reading programs (MindPlay, I-Ready, and Lightsail) at home by clicking on the "Students" tab (on the district's home page) and clicking on "Clever;" they will then sign in through Google.