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Coach Ford's PE Class

(might be a good idea to write your class code down from the list below before you begin the signing in process.)
Please click on the list of classes that are available on this page to help direct you to your specific class section.  From that link, you will be asked to sign in to your google account.  After signing in, it will tell you that you are not in this class.  Click the blue button that says "Back to Classes".  The next page will have a small plus sign ( + ) at the top right corner. Click the plus sign and select "Join Class".  At this point, you will need to type in the corresponding code from the list below into the blank labeled "Class Code" (so you may want to write your class code down before this step).  After entering the code, there will be a blue "Join" button to click at the top of the page.  Click that button and you will then have access to that particular Google Classroom.  You will need to repeat these steps for each of the classes on your schedule.
Below are the codes needed to join your Google Classroom for Coach Ford's classes only.  Please input these codes once you have clicked on your class section link.
1st Period PE:  3jpv7t6
2nd Period 8th Grade Athletics:   xpjysau
2nd Period 8th Grade Boys Athletics:   3tdqhjw
3rd Period 7th Grade Athletics:   arr5x7n
3rd Period 7th Grade Girls Athletics:   z7lnsgg
5th Period Athletics:  332ixi5
7th Period 6th Grade PE:   6g4eauo
8th Period HS Athletics:   r5o5j7a