POE students visit SSI

Antonio Villalobos

On Wednesday, February 6, the class of Principals of Engineering (POE) went on a field trip to Standard Structures Inc. (SSI) located in New Deal. The purpose of going was to have a better understanding why materials, like beams, are shaped and their purpose. The POE class is studding material structures, stresses, and how they are joined. The engineers that gave the tour talked about some of the same concepts we are studying, such as beam deflection (how much a beam will bend under pressure), Moment of Inertia, and Modulus of Elasticity. The students were shown examples of roof and wall structures, bracing, and joints.

The SSI engineers explained how the 10,000lb rolls of flat sheeting are shaped into R-panels and other shapes. They demonstrated the machines used to cut and shape the various materials and why the shapes are structurally sound. Students were also shown different parts of the facility and the function of each one of them.

Students asked some questions about the company; one of them was, Why build in this specific place? They explained that the cost of land was a big factor, and the amount of space they would need was as well. SSI has finished phase one of their building and is open for business with the intention of a phase two of expanding the complex. We also talked about job opportunities, which they explained that whoever wants to work there has to be 18 or older.

The company has its own delivery trucks and will unload the products with a nominal charge within 50 miles. SSI handles orders from I-20 north up to Kansas. SSI produces metal building kits and custom built designs along with all parts and insulation. With each design a floor plan is constructed for the concrete foundation contracted by the costumer. The company started in Odessa, Tx, and maintains a complex there.

Wed like to thank Mark Warren for coordinating the trip, Matt Evans and Pete Penner (SSI Engineers) for the tour and the knowledge imparted to the students. Thanks guys, for the parting gifts. The trip was fun and informative.

I think it is good for students to see first-hand practical applications of the topics we are studying, said instructor Mr. Rocky Upchurch, who also organized the trip.

February 25, 2019