Elementary Celebrates 100th Day of School

By Jai-len Martin

On Wednesday, February 6th, students of New Deal Elementary celebrated their one-hundredth day of school. High school members of the National Honor Society and Ready, Set Teach teamed up with teachers to help the students with their celebration activities. Pre-k through fourth grade got to go to the gym in rotations and participate in different math games. There were six stations the kids went to. The stations were Fractions, Money, Place Value, Time, Number Sense, and Shapes. Each station had a different objective for the kids to complete. The younger elementary kids had one-hundred day hats they made as a class. Some children also came to school in their One-hundred Day gear dressed with one-hundred things on their shirts like candy, popcorn, keys, and even balloons. The kids also got to participate in a contest where their teachers had mason jars filled with different items like Hershey’s Kisses, Starburst, and bouncy balls. Students had to guess how many were in each jar.

“I was surprised by how some of the younger kids didn’t need a lot of help like I thought they would,” said sophomore Angelica Pantoja.

The teachers set up the games and got all the supplies together but had help from some of the high school students. Students that helped were Melinda Rue, Carina Ramirez, DK Blaylock, Madison Stennett, Marisa, Romero, David Morgan, Layton Reed, Paul Ray Rodriguez, Courtney Harper, Jai-len Martin, Mallory Harvey, Allison Villegas, Ashlee Gonzales, Megan Victor, Angelica Pantoja, and Mari Conales. These student volunteers helped explain the games to kids and then answered questions or helped with the work.

“Some of the little kids were really smart; I was impressed with how good they were with the different problems,” said senior Mallory Harvey.

Parents were encouraged to join their students in the celebration, and those present had great things to say about their experience at our school! One parent sent an email stating that she “enjoyed the games and interaction with the kids.” She also wanted to take a moment to “brag” about the high school kids. She said, “I was most impressed with their patience and instruction. Everyone that I encountered was beyond helpful and kind, which made the 100 days’ experience fun and memorable.”

The One-hundredth Day celebration happens every year for the elementary so they can have fun while celebrating learning.

February 11, 2019